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Off to the new frontiers!

So I’m officially moved into Digi’s territory. There are many things need to be fixed, so it might need 2-3 days or maybe more until everything is back in order.

3 Dec 2008 Progress: I guess everything is already set up properly. If you careful enough, I put an image in the the background, which is better sighted in a widescreen monitor. Cookies for you if you know what and from where the image come from.

2 Dec 2008 Progress: So everything seems to be already back in order. I’d say there’s only a little few tweaks before it’s complete.

Kamipani! Ended, Finally!

Abandon all hope upon playing this eroge!

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Concerto Note – Wrap Up

'Can you explain why did you mess around with the other girls while I am the main heroine..?'

I finally finished this wonderful game. Now to write a post about it.. -_-

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