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The princess learned her lessons

Looks can be deceiving you know..

After being held captive in her own castle, princess Arietta declare that such thing should never happen ever again for the sakes of her country and people. So she takes some rather extreme counter-measures.

(Disclaimer: The writer will not be held responsible for any damages, both physically nor mentally, from reading this post any further)

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さかあがりハリケーン Wrap-Up Review

Storm is not only in the outside..

Hurricane, or that’s what the weather forecast tells us since it appears that it only was a medium scale wind gust. But it appears that storm invades my real life instead, since I got so busy and this single post got delayed by a whole week.

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Eternal Kingdom is eternally finished

It’s always clear before hurricane comes. No, I really mean it.

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Veil∞Lia – 尋ねビト

Tazunebito Album Cover
尋ねビト (Tazunebito)
Vocal: Veil∞Lia
Lyrics: Bee’
Composition/Arrangement: Hitoshi Fujima (Elements Garden)
Strings: Shinozaki Strings
Chorus: Yumi Kawamura
All Other Instruments & Programming: Hitoshi Fujima
more album info…

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