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黄昏のシンセミア Part 2: 春日 いろは – Kasuga Iroha

Kasuga Iroha is a girl from Minagami Kousuke’s childhood ten years ago before you left the Minakami village after an flood accident which killed his mother. After his return to the village at his aunt’s request, Kousuke sees her once again while peeping at her dance practice for the festival. Unfortunately, Iroha thought him as a tourist from Tokyo and got angry at him for peeping. Fortunately, he escaped from her broom and later able to clear the problem with the help from Shouko, his cousin.

Iroha worked as a priestess at her own shrine along with Minato Akane, after her grandmother got sick and her parents went missing.

The story in her route mainly revolves around the existence of Yamawaro, monsters entity that have been shadowing the Minakami village for centuries, and the miracle medicine which able to make human unable to grow old nor die. Her route got two different endings, both of which is more like happy ends compared to Shouko, who both ends are not that much of a happy occasion.

I must said that this is the best performance from 青山ゆかり – Aoyama Yukari that I have ever heard. Maybe the fact that she stopped trying too hard to sound tsun or dere contribute to this. Another fact that Iroha got a broad personality which requires many different tones for her dialogue might also a big factor. And don’t forget that almost all of her CGs are so adorable.. :3

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