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キサラギGOLD★STAR – Review

It’s been a long time since I lol literally while playing eroge. I meant to publish this post right after finishing, but I got sidetracked with Koichoco, which I’m won’t review, since Algester and Warum already somewhat do the job.

Kisaragi Gold Star is a peculiar title. One time, people are frenzy about this for the papara song, yet when it finally released, I feel like I’m the only one playing this. Now that I’ve finished it, people just started playing it. ;_;


Kisaragi Gold Star is a story about Nitta Futami, a boy who live nonchalantly while surrounded with his 5 talented friends. The time for Tsukiyomi festival is nearing, as well as the time limit for the power bestowed upon them to fulfill their wishes kept inside the time capsule buried 10 years ago. Will they able to fulfill their dreams before the power effect withers away? Why did only Futami’s bracelet is the one not shining? Will Futami finally found the dreams he lost?


Nitta Futami

Protagonist. Compared to his talented friends, he’s considered very normal. He also didn’t have any concrete dreams to chase, so as the time limit nears, he decided to help to made all his friends’ dreams come true. He believe that if he able to do that, his bracelet finally will be able to shine.

Endou Saya

A girl who talks like an old man. Despite look very easygoing, she got a great singing talent. Kinda slow in the head too, that it took Futami to write ‘Werewolf fall in love’ song to transmit his feeling to her which turns into a mass confession in front of a lot of people. Even after she and Futami start become lover, her defensive walls prove to be solid for Futami to climb.


Haotone Tsubasa

A girl who had always liked Futami since long time, yet unable to honestly express her feelings. She got a ‘Black Tsubasa’ mode which activates every time she get irritated. For us, the readers, it’s another moment for a good laugh. She got remarkable talent for piano, which grants her the scholarship in the school. As the time limit nears, she will be forced to make a choice that will greatly effects her remaining life.

Fujimaru Mikoto

A girl with remarkable talent for drawing. It’s hard to think what’s going on within her head, and sometime she also prefers to express her feelings through sketches rather than with words. She’s calm, independent and actually the most level-headed within the group. But despite all of that, she might be the one who holds the deepest scar. I like her route the most, as you can see how much pictures of her here. :P Long Live Sidetails!!!

Nitta Ichika

Futami’s little sister with kendo talent. She’s sickly as a child, but now she’s strong and energetic. Even though she’s strong, but considering her petite stature, she got adored as a mascot instead. Unfortunately for Futami, it’s painful for him to see his dear sister grew in quite some unfeminine characteristics, which also made her disgusts Futami for holding such a holy image of her.

Nagarekawa Hitomi

Final member of the group which talented in fashion designing. He hates boys, like girls, but got no interest to going out with any single of them. He also got this unexplainable attration to Futami (It’s explained later though). It’s even hard for me to put his pics here.

Yomogida Nanako

Owner of Istanbul restaurant, part-time place of Futami, and also the piano mentor for Tsubasa, but now she’s already retired from playing piano. She’s playful but turns scary if it’s concerning her age. Futami is scared of her special food, too bad though since we never see it. She miraculously place 2nd in the dakimakura polls. Do I need to point that she also got sidetails? XD

Okabe Sanae

Futami’s tsundere teacher and acquaintance of Nanako. She got the habit of telling Futami to stand in the corridor when something goes wrong in the class. She did it because actually she is worried about Futami.

Kirishima Touri

A junior who adores Mikoto for her talent in art. Not for very long though. She is quite cute when she actually acts like one, though.

Inagaki Umeko

A self-declared rival of Tsubasa, while secretly she is a fan of hers. A pretty interesting character, yet she doesn’t have a single CG but only one cut-in.

Furamine Eiko

Kendo club’s leader, Chief of Discipline committee and Head of girls dorm. She looked like a straight character, but if you decide go down her route..

Fujidou Keiko

Member of Kendo club. She is sickly and frequently cough blood. Despite her fragile institution, she is one of the strongest member. Looked up to Futami and would like to die within his arms. I put up a special CG for her because she is so hilarious. XD

Oboro Ikketsu

Leaving the fact of how unusual her name is, she is also a member of Kendo club. Her big stature also grants her one of the strongest member. She got a scary interest for Futami. Good thing we never see ‘it’ happens.

Kuon Mika

Next in line to become the candidate of Utahime for the Tsukiyomi festival after Saya. She looked like a cheerful girl, but actually a lonely girl.


At the first glance, everyone might think that it’s a story about race against the time. Well, they’re wrong. I’m wrong too. The true underlying wheel gear that’s moving this story is about bonds, especially family bonds. It’s a little surprising for me since most thing that I regard important in the prologue don’t really mean much to the main story itself. But even without it, the writer is still able to maintain the story to be interesting and fun to read.

There are four main route, dedicated to each heroine (Saya, Tsubasa, Mikoto, and Ichika) and another three sub-route dedicated for five sub-characters (One for Nanako, one for Touri, and one for Eiko, Keiko and Ikketsu), and finally, the Final route. Tsubasa got one bad end, while Ichika got two. If I were to classify the route, it will pretty much be like this:

Best Route: Tsubasa, Mikoto, and Nanako

Mediocre Route: Touri, Final

Somewhat Weird Route: Saya, Ichika

What is this, I don’t even-Route: You can think for yourself

Tsubasa, Mikoto and Nanako got my biggest favor because the story in their route is well written, or rather, the most normal compared to the others, and also I like their characters the most too. Nanako despite being a subcharacter and her route is basically an extension of Tsubasa’s route, she easily wins my heart with her character, her trait as a lovely onee-san, and her route is actually capable to stand on its own. Contrary to Touri which route almost gives nothing new than what’s already told in Mikoto’s route.

Saya and Ichika’s routes weren’t really that bad, but rather hard to judge on. Both Saya and Ichika are good characters and got charms of their own, and actually the route itself is pretty much fine, but it got some pretty unexpected ridiculous twist that force me to shut down my logic circuit for a while. I guess in a way, it completely different from Tsubasa and Mikoto routes where nothing magical happens. Both Ichika and Saya routes basically give spoiler and supposedly to be played the last, but playing Saya first and Ichika the last is a good way to clear your heads from influx of wonders.

Eiko, Keiko, and Ikketsu route (Or Tsukiyomi Kenshi route, other people consider this route as Eiko route only) is basically a gag route, full of random jokes, and hunger for big brother’s touch. I can’t even see how that serious Eiko got turn into such joke character. Keiko is a good joke character with her constant blood spasm, she’s even hilarious during her h-scene. I don’t think anyone is capable of doing what she did. Ikketsu is well, let’s say that I’m glad we never see her h-scene.

The Final route is, well, the reason I don’t call it true route is because it lacked impact which we usually see in true routes. But it pretty much binds every missing piece rather nicely so it’s not that much of a failure. It also got some hilarious parts, but still I failed to see it’s integrity to the real plot.

Based on the Dakimakura Polls, Tsubasa got the 1st place, followed by Nanako in 2nd, Saya in 3rd, Mikoto 4th, and Ichika 5th. Too bad even Samoto Fuuri beautiful voice can’t even place Ichika in a better position. Nanako sure is a dark horse with the unexpected 2nd place. Tsubasa win easily with her black mode, and Saya with her old man dialects. Mikoto is, well, let’s just say that she got overshadowed by the others. ;_;

Music & BGM

All BGMs presented in this title is pretty good,  mostly with bright and cheerful tones. The vocals is also not disappointing. Rolling Star ☆彡 as the OP and As Always as the ED are catchy and I never missed every chance it plays on. As for Papara, well, PAPARA! There are also Ookami-otoko ga koi wo shita as insert song in Saya route, which is actually not a song to be sing by a girl for obvious reasons.

Final Impression

I basically already write everything I need, so let’s be brief. キサラギGOLD★STAR might not got the best scenario or writing which I usually like to rant on, but it managed to be fun to read and not annoying. All characters are quite likable, excluding those who bear the title as antagonist where they also do a good job at it. If you already played Saya and Ichika routes and feel quite irritated, maybe you need to stay away from the final route, because it’s even more dejected than those two. Unless if you would join me in a journey of completion, no matter how hard and cruel the truth is. :D


Spoiler for the wishes in the time capsule (You’ve been warned!)

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  1. November 22nd, 2010 | 04:41

    Daaang, I can’t read the spoilers and craaaap no Sanae route! DAYUM THOSE LEGS! >_:7

  2. November 22nd, 2010 | 06:00

    I’ll save my better remarks for when I finish the game, but so far the review got me more motivated to play (oh man Keiko…).

    Tsubasa being the top heroine still surprises me O_o. Papara onwards good sir!

  3. Wrathkal
    November 22nd, 2010 | 07:44

    Thanks for the review. I think I’ll push this up my list of ‘to-play’ games to deal with it right away instead of going all the way through my other games by date.

  4. November 22nd, 2010 | 08:39

    @m3rryweather: I should commend you for being able to resist from clicking the spoilers. Sanae’s legs and tsundere-ness and her legs (twice for importance) is so irresistible. Well, Nanako should be enough as she didn’t lose in deliciousness department.

    @warum: You need must to see Keiko’s scene! I never see any scene which is more funny than hot. XD

    @Wrathkal: Nobody is willing to ぱぱらーing together with me.. ;_;

  5. Amoirsp
    November 22nd, 2010 | 14:30

    Interesting read. I was looking for the papara music and found a small play button you conveniently inserted.

    Speaking of Okabe Sanae doesn’t the legs on that CG look … kind of awkward? The angle is a bit weird.


  6. November 23rd, 2010 | 09:38

    @Amoirsp: Her legs are not weird. The skirt got a high slit on the right side, so it shows more of her the right leg.

  7. Amoirsp
    November 23rd, 2010 | 13:17

    When you put it that way, it’s a plausible explanation. Thanks for correcting me.

    I’ll have to ask you of sample lines that were particularly amusing some other time.

  8. Newprimus
    December 11th, 2010 | 14:58

    Guess what? I too started playing this game after reading this review, lol!

    Oh and the OP rocks absolutely. It’s now my favorite OP/ED of all time. Rolling Star!!

  9. January 30th, 2011 | 01:39

    Mhn….this game reeks of “standard” everywhere, but the quality seems high. I may give it a shot before the next february batch. :P

  10. Algester
    February 5th, 2011 | 17:00

    looks like my review was also desperate for Sanae’s route lol

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