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About Me

Hi, this is my new blog after I dump my old one. ‘Hodo-Hodo ni, ne..’ literally means ‘keep it in moderation’, which means I’ll try not to post something much too outrageous or vulgar, just something in-between safe zone. This blog is something I set as a barrier between the real world and that of behind the screen. If anyone ever see me in real life, you wouldn’t believe I write things here.

Actually, I want to write one since a long time ago, but since I don’t really have much time I delayed it, until now. Most of the contents might be similar to Hemisphere and m3rryweather, that is games, in particular but not limited to, eroge. My specially interested area is the dark-tragic stories. Happy-light stories comes second after that.

I don’t really have that much time to play these games because of work, and the confusion of picking the next one to be played. My backlog is ridiculously huge due to my tardiness coming to this side of the world. Since I’m kind of lazy to extract the CG out from the game to post them here, maybe I’ll just screen capture them. It’s much faster than searching the right tools or commands for each every single one of them. As for acknowledgments, I claim none of the pictures shown in this blog. But me and my associates loves to put claim on the beauties, of course. All the writings are mine, too.

The road of conquering the abyss of backlog is long and hard. But I’ll keep on fighting to conquer that evil backlog and master every good title ever comes around. :D


  1. May 27th, 2009 | 13:34

    Hey Kresnik where have you been all this time. Your blog’s getting lonely XD

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